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Your Buying & Selling Guide

Your home is a part of your family. It is the largest asset that many of you will ever own. As you grow and life changes, what you require in a home may also change. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to assist many clients through these exciting new changes. When selling you need the knowledge and expertise to maximize the market value of your home. When buying you need a professional that helps guide through all of your options. You need to lean on the knowledge that an experienced Realtor brings when it comes to negotiating, advising on terms and ultimately protecting your interests.

  • Buy or Sell First?

    This is a tricky question. Everyone’s situation is unique. Can you afford to own 2 homes? If the answer is yes, you are in a good position. Making an offer on a home that isn’t conditional on the sale of your existing home is always more appealing to a seller and often translates to bargaining power for the buyer. You need to ask your Realtor how to properly structure the transaction. We should analyze the risks and make sure we have the correct things in place so you’re protected.

    If you can’t afford to own 2 homes this means you are like most homeowners. The market will often dictate the best approach. If the market is brisk and homes are selling quickly you probably need to sell your home first. In a brisk market an offer that is conditional on the sale of home is often not accepted OR it will be bumped out in the upcoming days or weeks by another offer. For example, there are many buyers in line for the house that you want to buy, and a buyer can purchase without the sale of home condition. In this case you should try to sell first so you are able to make an offer that isn’t conditional on the sale of your existing home.  Ask your Realtor for a realistic timeline to find the new home you’re looking for and the time needed for the sale of your current home. Every situation is unique and over the years we’ve likely experienced them all. We want to help position you based on your situation to maximize the dollars when you buy and when you sell.

  • Make Your House More Sellable

    While we all believe that our home is our castle, our personal tastes may not appeal to everyone. An agent from our office will work with you to give you an impartial analysis of your home – how it relates to other “competing” homes on the market and how your home reflects current design and style trends. Our agents will also take a good look at the general condition and upkeep of your home and review what changes could be made to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

    Overall, an agent from our office will work with you to position your home on the market so that your sales experience will take place in a seamless manner and make you the client feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Advertise Your Home on MLS®

    This service is only available to real estate sales representatives. It is a database of all the homes for sale through sales representatives. Details about your home will be available to other sales representatives searching for homes in your area, in the range of your asking price.

  • The Viewing

    When a sales representative has a client who is interested in your home, they will first call to make an appointment with your sales representative. As the seller you are able to decline a viewing if the prospective purchaser wishes to come at an inconvenient time. However, when possible try to make all showings work. You never know if you missed the perfect buyer for your home.

    During the viewing, your agent is able to provide information to the buyer’s agent with a feature sheet and request feedback following the viewing of your property. The sales representative will stay with the prospects to offer some protection against theft or property damage.


  • Marketing Plan

    Over the years we’ve sold many homes. Technology and habits have changed our lives. We continually adopt new approaches and we stay current with the best and most effective ways to market your home. Where do buyers find their next home? Did they see a sign? Did they find it online? Did they find it in the paper? We know how to have your home front and centre for buyers looking in Southeastern Manitoba. Our track record proves it. We will customize a marketing plan specific for your home. Ask one of our Realtors today to build a plan for you.